Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On meeting people I look up to.

   So if you read this blog, you know all about my J.K. Rowling fiasco, if you don't, click the link to find out how I choked in front of one of my biggest idols. Spoilers, I choke.

   This past week I was in France for the Cannes Lions festival, and it was amazing. The festival itself, the networking opportunities and so on and so forth. But I have to admit what I liked the most about it was meeting people I look up to.

  Before heading off to France I saw that the Sorted boys tweeted about being there and lost my mind momentarily. Then I tweeted them, all nonchalant, and invited them to come to our lounge and try some caipirinhas. To which they replied. (Be still my fangirl heart.) Long story short, after some mild (or not so much) stalking on my part I did get to meet them and they were as lovely as anybody would expect. I also got to meet Dan and Phil who are a lot taller than I imagined but just as lovely!

   What I learned from my sad sad story with J.K. Rowling was that even if I was nervous or starstruck I better get ahold of myself quickly, because I could be missing out on some very interesting conversations with really top notch people. Regardless of how much I look up to them, or how successful they are, as I curled up into a ball at that theatre in Bath and cried in front of strangers I promised myself I would never miss opportunities like that again.
And I didn't!


SortedFood boys enjoying a Caipirinha at the FilmBrazil Lounge - Cannes Lions 2013



  1. You meet dan and phil o.0 (sorry my fangirling heart just went mental from jealousy xD). So far in my life I haven't meet anyone I look up to, but I might get to do that next summer if all goes accordingly after my plans xD

    1. I did meet them and they were great! I hope your plans do work out!