Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Using my wit for Evil.

I am a very witty person, sometime my comebacks are so good I would like to give myself a pat on the back. (Ok, maybe not so much, but I am confident in my well-thought, quick fire answers). The problem is I don't use it to put any good into the world.

On the contrary, I tend to use to make it suck more.

I am a lot better at coming up with insults and compliments. When somebody pisses me off, what immediately comes out of my mouth is "pie-eating cock goblin", but when somebody does something good for me I respond with something like "you're so... nice!" Really? Nice?! I couldn't come up with anything better?

I pride myself on my vocabulary, and I could have said that person was generous, kind or the best thing to happen to me since slided bread, but I went with nice.

I'm not sure if this is just another way in which I am a product of my generation, or how the internet had ruined me for life or what. I've just realised my twitter feed contains about 7 complaints/insults to every 1 good-natured thing I have to say. Also, those 7 tweets are much more interesting, funny and well thought out than the 1 outlier.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Obsession Alert!

   So I find that this is a common thing on the internet, or maybe I just tend to socialize with like-minded people, but people don't just like things. They're obsessed.

   When I have a new interest it is my top priority on getting as much information as fast as possible, becoming an overnight expert on a new tv show, an athlete's career or that new book I just finished. They are usually short lived; they burn bright, but they burn fast.

   I will sacrifice sleep in order to watch every single video there is on YouTube about that thing, I will read as many news articles as I can sneak during my work hours, and I will most certainly follow at least 5 Twitter accounts that are related to that thing. Some would consider it borderline stalking. And I will share that information with anybody who is around long enough to hear me say "so I have a new obsession." It annoys my friends, my family members and co-workers, but after the first weekend of "did you knows" I'm usually able to direct my attention to Tumblr.

  Some people seem concerned, my therapist said it was a healthy thing since I have a novelty-seeking personality. Everybody has an opinion. But as long as I'm not hurting myself or others, I say let it be.

What about you, my chers, who obsessive or unobsessive are you? About what?


Buzzfeed gets me

Thursday, July 4, 2013

something Good for something Great

   I feel like I talk a lot about my job lately, but being in the office (or work related things) from 9am-6pm everyday (and sometimes on the weekends) there's rarely other things in my life worth talking about. (Which is sad.. I know, I know.)

  What has been swirling in my mind lately is how often I get job "offers" while doing things for the job I currently have. I get to meet very interesting and influential people who somehow fall for my smoke and mirror tricks of thinking I'm a competent young professional.  I've been offered "job security" here and there, and one particular gentleman has jokingly placed bids on my future salary with my boss over a couple drinks.

  I'm aware that those are not official job offers and I'd be stupid to jump into any conclusions from these simple matter of fact statements. At the same time, though, people don't need to say those things to me, and I'm tempted to find that there is something true in those words, that they'd at least pay a little more attention to my resume if I decided to send it in.

  But then I remind myself that I'm leaving for London in 15 months to pursue my dream of living there and getting my master's, which is what I've wanted forever. I don't want to accept an awesome job that I'll have to quit shortly just because I have something awesomer (sorry, I know) coming along.

  In the confused mental state that will last all of my 20s (and probably continue from there on) it is a hard choice to be faced with, specially in the occasions when things at my current job aren't as pleasant as I'd like them to be, and my novelty seeking personally is already yearning for a new city and new faces.

 It would be great if all the world's problems were as terrible as my own.

But I'm interested to know, how often do you guys have to give up something good for something you know is better, specially when that thing might be in the not so near future?