Thursday, April 25, 2013

By Jove, I've got it!

   So last night I met the guy responsible for this little gem.

   Regardless of how you feel about the ad, the representation of women, the sincerity of Dove's actions etc. You can't deny that this is a pretty effective piece of marketing. Therefore the person who came up with this concept was very successful at it. And he's no older than 30, pushing it.

  At the ripe age of 22 I found myself really excited that young people are being recognized in large scales, and then I got down on myself for never even having come close to achieving anything noteworthy. I then went on over all the arguments in my head about not comparing myself to other people etc etc.

   Today I woke up with a spring in my step and the attitude to take on whatever the world threw at me. And by jove, I've got it. My next project! It is going to be a series of odd end jobs, mostly freelance, to help me pay for grad school and the trips I wanna make. But also to build some more than necessary life-experience, and open my eyes a little bit.

  I'm excited about it, and can now stop moping about not knowing where my life is going or not knowing what I want to do for a career.

  How about you, my darlings, what do you want to achieve with a little extra spring in your step?


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