Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Full-time traveler for hire

I hate to use this blog as a channel for my complaints, but this is just something I can't help but voicing.

 Why is it so damn hard to find a job nowadays?

I'm not asking for tons of money or anything too hard, I just want to make enough so I can support my traveling habits, a couple of thousand here and there would suffice nicely since I do consider to be quite the money savvy kind of backpacker.

I don't see myself as particularly inept to many jobs, yet the places I apply to don't even have the courtesy to reply back saying they are not interested, instead I'm just left here to wonder that maybe in a couple of weeks they'll ask for an interview or some writing sample.

I guess I do make it more difficult by only applying for optimal jobs that require lots of traveling and a ton of talent (which I seem to be sorely lacking). But come on, somebody might want me to fetch them coffee, no?

I have seen several of the other blogs I follow touch on this subject so I'm positive I am not alone, most of the ones who seem to be talking about it are close to my own age and going through the same process, but as reassuring as it is to know this is normal and happens to everybody else, it is also terrifying to see these very talented and driven people who seem to be much more qualified than myself go for the same kind of jobs and not get them either, so I am forced to ask, who is?

Ok, so maybe I'm not actually a full time traveler... yet! But here are my qualifications and why somebody should just pay me to do all this awesome stuff.

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