Friday, January 4, 2013

Planting Good Things

   I am a big believer in symbolism. I like to have symbolic things into which I can concentrate my energy for real life things. In that spirit today I planted a little packet of seeds that I got with a couple of friends at the beach where we were spending New Years.
   Although I know they won't plant them, I made each of them get a packet as well (after all they were free) because my plant is now connected to them. And since I am leaving soon I want to have that  physical thing to remind me of them.
   To stretch the cheesiness a little further, I planted it in my "good things" mug, that I got as a surprise from my cousin, so there is another meaningful person in my life that is connected to this plant.

   I think the new year is a time where we are allowed to make silly things like that, where I can plant something and believe it is more than just a plant. Its a promise for the future, it is me nurturing something for this year, but it is just a plant. I like being able to store my hopes and expectations on this tiny project, sometimes there isn't enough room inside myself and I like to spread things around other vessels. Call it my horcruxes if you will.

   So what else do people do for new years? Anybody has a project they like to work on? Something they like to store themselves in?

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