Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making Sacrifices

   Almost all my life I've been working towards being location independent. Hasn't happened it yet, but I slowly but surely cut ties here and there to things that could keep me in one place for too long. I do this because I want to travel. I want to travel on a whim and be able to just lock up behind me and not have to think if I've got somebody to watch the dog, or water the plants, or somewhere to forward my bills to. I just want to lock up and go.

   Ironically, yesterday I applied for a tourist visa to another country I was planning on going this Christmas and it got denied specifically for that reason. I do not have strong enough ties anywhere that prove to them that I wouldn't just stay in that country.

  Which is fine, the person who interviewed me was very open and honest about it, and I'm not holding he/she personally responsible for anything. But it did get me thinking about the things I'm willing to sacrifice for that need of freedom and to literally not be tied down and feel like any gust  of wind could take me anywhere. And yes, it is so worth it.

  It is a mild inconvenience to have been said no to, but now I get to do one of my favorite things, and plan a new trip to someplace else. I can use the money for that trip (which I considered gone by the time I decided to go) for a different one, maybe go see my family. Maybe go someplace I've never been.

I'm excited. It's cliché to say it, but sometimes not getting what you wanted is exactly what you needed. I was bummed out about it for all of yesterday. Today, I hit the stores for some new travel guides.


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