Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I vow, from here on out, to Douche Shame

I am really proud to work for an association where the top three spots are filled by women. I admire our president, our director and our executive manager for breaking through the glass ceiling and working in an environment mostly dominated by men.

Today we are having a very important assembly at the office, composed of about 50 people, give or take, about a third of which are women. The set up of this assembly is similar to that of a class room, with rows of chairs set up facing a single direction. Most people prefer to sit by the door leaving the harder to reach places to those who arrive late.

Three women arrived late and had to walk across the space to reach those empty chairs, at this point a particular asshole-type decided to WOLF WISTLE as each of them made their way quietly across the room in hopes of not disturbing the meeting that was in place.

Just to be clear: there is a man currently sitting in my office who thinks its ok to WOLF WISTLE at women who are equal to him in professional, social and assumed intelligence status (although I'm starting to second guess the third), THREE different times.

As the lowly office assistant who cannot afford to lose her job due to student loans, I couldn't bring myself to speak up. I can blame my silence on many other factors of the society and my position, but in truth I failed my feminist instincts and now I'm ashamed of it.

No other person pronounced themselves which only makes me regret even more that I didn't say a word, and was only able to give him a disapproving look of disgust, which I'm sure he didn't notice.

So this is my vow to you people, that I will not be quiet next time I find myself in a similar situation. I am putting this to my few, but beloved readers, and the internet to hold me accountable to shame douche bags like that whenever I come in contact with them.


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