Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Social Experiment

   Based on Chris Gillebeau's post, How Can You Help Someone For Free, A Social Experiment I've decided that although I'm not very skilled, artistic or even that resourceful there are two things I can give away for free and that can make at least a little bit of a difference to somebody.

  1st. - I am fluent in Portuguese, so I am offering to anyone who needs translations of anything (into portuguese to english or vice versa) they might need. Transcrips, an article, a love letter. You name it, contact me in the comment section and I'll get it done for you in no later then a week. (provided your document is not absurdly long, that might take some time). I am also willing to offer some portuguese lessons for a month to those interested, just keep in mind I'm not a teacher.

   2nd. - I will talk to anybody who wants to, sometimes you just wish there was another person at the end of that angry tweet, or passive agressive tumblr post. Say anything you want in the comment and I will respond to the best of my ability, and if you're extra cheeky (because I'm still in England) you even get a joke (albeit not a very good one) at the end.

   I also want to encourage everybody who reads this to look at Chris' article and think of one thing you can give that might help somebody, anybody, and try out this social experiment.

   Amanda Palmer gave an amazing TED talk about people helping other people, and their willingness to do so. You just have to ask. I highly recommend her video, but would like to go a little farther and say that people also really want your help, all you have to do is offer.



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