Sunday, March 3, 2013

So mad at myself I can't even think properly

So I'm not even half way through my trip and I am already 40 pounds short for pure stupidity!

So I was in Oxford this weekend, going to Cardiff today. Bought my ticket ages ago through Megabus (INCLUDE LINK) and was all set to get on my merry way. When my very sensible friend pointed out that I would be getting to Cardiff sort of late and maybe would not be able to check in. I tried calling the hostel but got no answer so I just assumed I couldn't and proceeded to buy a new ticket (for 20 pounds) at an earlier time. I ended up leaving Oxford just five minutes too late and missed the bus by that much.

Once at the bus station, already pissed at myself for my stupidity, I asked the nice lady at the counter when the next bus would be, and that one is already full, so the only available seat is for the bus I already have tickets for. She also mentioned that if by any chance there is a spot free on this earlier bus it costs only 5 pounds (not the 20 I threw away foolishly) to take an earlier one.

Even angrier now, I log online to see FINALLY a response from the hostel saying it is fine if I checked in at a later time.

So the lesson here girls and boys, is PLAN your trips, otherwise you're gonna be so mad at yourself you won't be able to enjoy it.

But these things do happen, what I found to the be best thing is to just take a deep breath, allow yourself to feel all the emotions you need to feel then let it go. If you can't get the money back just make sure you are paying more attention the second time, and don't spoil your trip further by dwelling on it.



p.s. the remaining 20 pounds are for stupidities of different nature, but also just as maddening.

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