Monday, March 25, 2013

My happy list.

   It is often pointed out to me how much I complain about things. I like to think that I have been getting better in that sense from a few years ago, although I have a lot of progress yet to make. 

   Inspired by Ze Frank, I decided to make a list of  of the small things that make me happy. I'm not gonna lie, it was one of the hardest things I've had to do in a while. I don't stop to think about these things often enough, and could not come up with a list from the top of my head. I started this post on Saturday (23/03) and could only post it today, after making a conscious effort of noticing what small things in my daily life make me happy.

  • going out of my way to step into puddles when I'm wearing rain boots.
  • warming up my feet under my computer when I'm cold.
  • particularly well worded sentences.
  • hearing that pop of air when you open a vacuum sealed container.
  • smell of new books.
  • Grandma's "bolinhos de chuva"
  • puns
  • being right when you guess the end of a movie/book/tv show
  • being wrong when you guess the end of a movie/book/tv show
  • a new page on a notebook
   It was a fun exercise and I recommend it to anybody who would like to try. What about you, what's on yours list?


p.s. for an explanation about the little blood bag next to the video. Check out the Red Cross' Facebook Page

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